That Woman.

First thing’s first, I do apologize about not posting this past Wednesday. I have had such a busy, but prosperous week. Glad to be back here with you all for another week and I pray everybody has been doing well!

I am that woman.

Today’s blog is strictly testimonial and for the young hearts out there.

It amazes me after 21 years on this earth, how many people still do not know me. They know my name. They see my post. They know I am Christian. And… yet still are clueless.

First, I am God’s daughter. His daughter who strayed from home and has returned. I am that woman who prays for her family, friends, strangers, and her enemies all the same. I am that woman who sees the good in everyone. I see God’s potential even in the most cold-hearted beings who walk the earth. I am that woman who does not want to see any soul fall by the wayside. I am that woman who stays up at night praying against the advances of the enemy. I am that woman who knows what heartbreak, disappointment, and the brink of death looks like. I am that woman who does not deserve to be here yet God sees me fit and equipped to carry on His mission. I am that woman who once cried myself to sleep from being hurt over and over again by the world. I am she who knows what it’s like to feel unwanted, cast away, and without purpose. I am her who does not desire to be anything like the world, but follow and be a true example of Christ’s love. Everyday I forgive and everyday I love just as God does for me. I am that woman who does not judge others out of comparison. If I judge it is out of love and to lead a person closer to Christ. I do not believe I am better. I do not believe I am without fault. I do not believe I am perfect. However, I am she that knows she serves a perfect God. I am her who knows that people have turned their back on her because of what God is now doing through me, but I forgive them anyway. Everywhere God wants to take me is not for everyone. I love all. No matter the color, no matter the motive, no matter any classification you could possibly imagine. I am that woman who wish only to encourage and uplift. I am she who no longer sees the need to please the world. Have no desire to turn back. This is not a phase. My walk with Christ is my lifestyle and my eternity – my very core. I am she who acknowledges the spiritual battlefield we are all in taken place in the unseen. I love people, yet I hate sin just as God. I am her that understands God uses people best when there is less of us. He is my fill. I am that woman who knows someone is secretly reading this right now in hopes of finding something against me. I pray for you too. I am God’s child and there is a way, truth, and life; and His name in Jesus.  I am she who loves you. I am she who sees your pain. I am she who sense your struggle. I could never pack all of who I am into any post, but just know I love you regardless of your past, your present, or your future.

Let God hold you. He is our loving father, counselor, protector, and much more. Trust and believe.

Peace and blessings,

AliciaThe Prodigal Daughter

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

Proverbs 31:25

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