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I will admit, I am a bookworm. I love books, y’all! Especially ones that capture my attention from beginning to end. I will add to this list whenever I come across outstanding Christian novels in my weekly reads. Nothing but the best for my fellow sisters and brothers in Christ! Feel free to check them out when possible and even let me know what you think. Look out for giveaways on my Instagram here! Happy reading!
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“Woman Art Thou Loosed!” by T.D. Jakes

Woman, Thou Art Loosed!

by T.D. Jakes

I found this gem while cleaning my home for Spring. So glad I did! I am hooked. Great for women who have been through past turmoil or even going through it right now. It was literally written for “healing the wounds of the past.” I believe however it can be just as effective for the present. I know I have had many wounds. Jakes touches base on various areas that are usually avoided in the church. Areas that people need to speak on. Although this book is dedicated to women, a man could read it to better help assist His wife through the events that still haunt her. Women are beautiful creatures. God made us different for a reason. We should embrace that fully and with astounding joy! Be empowered through this one, girl! Don’t put yourself down a moment longer! You are a victor though Jesus Christ! It’s time to say goodbye to shame and say hello to prosperity. God has message for you and Jakes has it waiting for you between the pages of his book.

Book Quotes:

“The Lord is calling the hurting to Him. He will fill that void in your life. He wants to be that heavenly Father who will heal your heart with a positive role model. Through the Spirit, He wants to hold and nurture you.” (pg. 55, p.1)

“The enemy wants you to be so focused on your outer appearance that you won’t recognize your inner beauty, your inner strength, your inner glory. Your real value cannot be bought, applied, added on, hung from your ears, or laid on your neck. Your real strength is more than outward apparel and adornment for men. This real thing that causes a man to need you so desperately he can’t leave you is not what is on you but what is in you.” (pg. 145, p. 3)

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“Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer

Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer

by Priscilla Shirer

Now this one is also dedicated to women. Sorry men. I will add more gender neutral books for you all too, but at least you have some great gift ideas for the girlfriend or future wife. Am I, right? Psst. There is an equivalent to this book called The Battle Plan For Prayer. I will link it down below for the men. Alright ladies, so this book is a power house! If you are serious about your prayer life, this is it! Shirer gives us awesome techniques, scriptures, and personal background to form our very own prayers for our War Room. Phenomenal book for the prayer warrior in the making or even someone who needs a prayer life revival. To defeat the enemy, you must first acknowledge that this is war. Tell the devil he cannot have his hand in your life any more by grabbing this one. He has to go – now!

Book Quotes:

“Prayer is the portal that brings the power of heaven down to earth. It is kryptonite to the enemy and to all his ploys against you.” {Pg 5. p. 2}

“That’s why he doesn’t want you praying – not fervently – because fervent prayer keeps your true identity in focus. Reminds us ho we really are and taps us into the power we really have in Christ.” {Pg. 57, p. 2}

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Screenshot_20170331-011248 (1)
“Mornings with Jesus 2017

Mornings With Jesus (2017)

by Various Authors

You want to start off your mornings right? Then, this is where it’s at. Right after you open your eyes and speak to God, I encourage you to follow up your early morning routine with this devotional read – Filled with 365 days worth of glorious encouragement for your soul. Everyday this book hits something I’ve been dealing with right on the head. I constantly find myself highlighting and reciting the verses and content. I’m not a big fan of most devotional books, but this one just seems more down-to-earth to me. Understandable and relatable. Not too late to pick it up. Go ahead and and get this year and your mornings on the right track. It has already helped me tremendously on tackling my days with a righteous and thoughtful perspective.

Book Quotes:

“We find Jesus together in the mist of our brokenness.” – Gwen Ford Faulkenberry {pg. 71}

“Decades later, Jesus continues to rescue me. Sometimes I get stuck in fear or uncertainty or insecurity. When that happens, I call to Him for help. He’s my faithful friend and Savior. He’s the One who never fails to lift me up and set my feet on solid ground.” – Grace Fox {pg. 95}

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“Unseen” by Jack Graham


by Jack Graham

Not even finished with this book yet and I am already screaming 5 stars. A page turner! Graham begins the book off with a descriptive, yet powerful message during the time he lost his father in a gruesome manner. He covers how Satan works and how he has decided long ago to join in on the good fight to stop Satan’s evilness from spreading like wildfire by winning one soul at a time. I love it! His analogies are the best part of this book. He makes understanding the battle easy for the average person. He even dives deep for the Christian vets. I wish people would get serious about this battle. Would get determined about this spiritual warfare. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Out of all the books listed so far, this one is my #1 recommendation. By the end of this book you will be ready to move mountains and put Satan under your feet where he belongs – for good. God has no equal. The victory has already been won. You’re on the winning side. Now, help others reach it.

Book Quotes:

“There is a clear-cut way to succeed at this thing called life. There is a way to get it right. Learning how to discern and respond to the presence of God and his angels, how to avert the attacks of Satan, how to thrive during our time on earth and prepare for everlasting life in heaven – developing some spiritual muscle in these areas will usher in peace and provision and the fulfillment of unparalleled promise, all of which will serve us well for all our days.”

“We have many reasons as to why we don’t pray or why we have a hard time praying, but if I had to pinpoint what’s behind them all, I’d point to the theme that began this chapter: We simply forget we are at war. The quality of our prayer life is solely determined by our awareness of the invisible war.” {pg. 163, p. 1}

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Updated Version {April 2019}

My Top 3 Picks: 

All of these are well-worth the read! ♡

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis  // Available here!

The Pursuit of God – A.W. Tozer // Available here!

Crazy Love – Francis Chan // Available here!


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